This is a dynamic blog examining how education might help us understand and address the issues that characterise the Age of Anger as part of #GE2017 in the UK. What our manifesto might become will be documented here (points 1. to? below). We like the Institute for Government 5 election promises checklist for parties in the UK election so we will apply their rules to this manifesto in the wrap-up.

We intend to draw on the complex social practices seen in the UK over the last 375 years, and the emerging new digital Practices that we have been documenting over the last 15 years.

1. Community-focussed learning not industrial-scale schooling. (from Nigel’s blog post May 1st)

2. Collaborative Quality-assurance not external inspection by education managers – from Mass-schooling or de-schooling?

3. Citizen-generated contexts where the dynamic quality of our people is used, not directly-elected mayors (more of the old-school hierarchical representative politics that got us into this mess) Citizens or Mayors

However we think Manifesto’s should be written collaboratively using a Policy Forest technique… see Manifesto or Policy Forest

Key Words Participative, creative, interactive, Dialogical, learning, trust, curiosity, digital, digital practice, social, personal, community-focussed, Citizen-generated contexts

Updated May 9th 2017

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