Pleased or fearful?

Optimistic or pessimistic?

Written in Bruxelles for #makesense we think we should solve the problems that annoy us most and build the society that pleases us most…


This building doesn’t come from examinations where solving artificial, theoretical problems derive from the attempt to understand a subject discipline but, rather, from tackling real-world problems that affect or afflict us; draw up your own list. Solve your problem, perhaps improve my society…

Solve the problem that annoys you most is a phrase that comes from Philippa Young, a guerrilla film-maker who quit Oxford because it was too arcane an environment from which to address the problems of the modern world, and the savage shortages created by the so-called abundance of the globalised world and its WTO. She used the term as part of the workshops we ran on WikiQuals in 2011 and she later gave a TEDx talk on being a guerrilla filmmaker, which was what informed her thinking about problem-solving.


Build the community that pleases you most is a phrase I used in a keynote for the wonderful #makesense crew of nascent social entrepreneurs at an event, appropriately enough for these Brexit times, in Bruxelles. Here is the full set of my ideas.

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