Learning in the Age of Anger (overview)

Learning in the Age of Anger intends to examine how we might better learn about ourselves and the world post-2016.

Arguably populism is the expression of our rage at being ignored by the new, selfish and greedy economic hierarchies that currently “rule” and define the socio-economic opportunities we are presented with. Instead of being angry with each other (“my life is rubbish; and it’s your fault!!”) we want to consider how we might better understand this emerging new, and evolving, world, and how might we deal with it.

We were inspired by Pankaj Mishra’s the Age of Anger (discussed here) which delineates, with great understanding, some of the forces shaping the world today. We want to review how we might better learn about this world and find new and more inclusive and socially just responses to this.


Buy Age of Anger here

This blog is administered by Fred Garnett and Nigel Ecclesfield but we welcome guest bloggers.

Mishra 2017 p ix

“The pages that follow try to make sense of bewildering and often painful, experiences by re-examining a divided modern world, this time from the perspective of those who came late to it, and felt, as many people do now, left, or pushed behind.”

Mishra 2017 p ix


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